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We’ve had a bunch of questions that have repeated, so I figure I should field them here:

Oh noes! I can’t find my survey did you send it to me?

Unless you are pledging to get a Jacket or Coat from us, NO. We are still waiting on a few backers so we can actually put in the order, and verify home addresses.

Can I get involved with The World of Steam?

Absolutely. We may already have what you do covered, but we are a growing business, so keep in touch.

Can I give you more money to get a DRM free HD digital download of the whole First Season?

First we need to determine where we are going to land the show. If the show is online and doesn’t care about that then we are all for it. If it isn’t, we don’t want you to pay us for something that we can’t promise later. We believe that even if a show is pirateable that people appreciate small business and transparency and understand that any profits this show will garner will go back into making a bigger, better show.

I really want to get my necklace, ring, hat, pin, coat before Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa can you rush ship mine, when are they coming? We love the show!

Thank you for loving the show. Most likely not. While some of our makers are moving at super speed, we still need to get the pins, embroidery, etching, engraving, measuring, stitching, etc. all going on hundreds of orders, and our makers are mostly individuals with no help, hand making every piece. We want to get these items out as fast as we can, but a holiday push is doubtful unless Santa sends us about 1000 elves.



“What did you do Ray?!?”

You have chosen…

The Bridge Tender

…as your extra episode of The World of Steam, but no worries, if you loved the other episodes ideas, they will show up in future seasons.

SYNOPSIS: The Bridge Tender is the story of a young woman who finds herself at a bridge with no end. A lifetime of struggle has led her to this place, and only the Bridge Tender can give her insight into the Key that has driven so many of her trials and tribulations.

Thanks so much for going on the journey of choice with me.  I suppose I could just put out a poll and said go here and click on blah blah, but where’s the fun in that?


So, December 8 was the first preliminary production meeting of The Steam Team; producers, builders, DPs, First ADs, Directors, etc. We ran down what we’re doing and where we’re going, the teams of makers we have to organize, production designers we have to get, CG teams that need to be developed, how we’re going to pay everyone, scripts that need to be finished, and most of all where we are landing the show.  It’s all quite daunting and quite wonderful.

The few concrete things that we are putting out there is that one, we will be releasing an EPK or Electronic Press Kit of all the goings on behind the scenes as we go.  Since a lot of this is new terrain, and a new genre that Hollywood is not used to, building our infrastructure is going to be a process in and of itself. And we think that it will make for interesting TV.

The other thing is that we want you guys, since you are our backers, to be included in the process. So if you think you have something to contribute to our mix, reach out. We may have it covered, but this is a big dream, and it’s going to take a lot of hands to get it done.


We’ve put out a Steampunk Holiday Shopping Guide on our Pinterest Page.  If you’re interested in helping some of our makers out this season.  Nothing goes to us, we just think they deserve the attention.

Thanks as always!

In steam,


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