Love and Bananas

Hey True Believers (gotta come up with a more steampunk version of this)!

Been stomped all day helping Michael Bell with his reddit AMA. His daughter has a great charity called love and bananas. Check it out!

More World of Steam stuff coming soon!

In steam,



POLL: The World of Steam Soundtrack

Hey Kickstarter Backers and Steampunk Fans!

Thanks for your patience during our development of the first season of The World of Steam and this long period of pre-production of our second episode, The DuelistLast year, we were held back from shooting any of the first season beyond finishing the pilot by the production company who contracted us to shop the show. This year, we've decided to take back the season's production into our own hands, but we are way behind where we want to be. 

Some of you have been asking: When will we receive the mp3 for the first episode's soundtrack?

To those who donated through Kickstarter, we did promise you the soundtrack, by the amazing Bear McCreary, to the first season of The World of Steam

As we are still in pre-production to the second episode, we have a question for you in return: 

Would you prefer to:

a.) Wait for the full first season of the World of Steam before we deliver the entire soundtrack


b.) Receive the mp3 for the pilot episode of The World of Steam: The Clockwork Heart

This season has taken much longer than we ever anticipated and its rewards are yours, so please chime in, and let us know your thoughts. If you'd like to receive the mp3 for the first episode, we'll get that to you right away. But if you'd rather wait, we understand. We'll put up a poll on our website for you to vote. When we get a large enough number of you responding, we'll move forward with that decision. The pilot you funded came out great, and we want to continue to bring you great art with great story lines. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding as we build this show. 


I would like to:
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