Ship Systems Report - #38 - IT'S OUT!!!

It's out!

We did it!

Go see it!

Shout it loud from the rooftops! Be your very own little newsboy running hither and yon waving the news of The World of Steam in the air. 

Seriously... we need the help getting this thing as far and wide as possible, so go on the page, watch the episode, and LIKECOMMENT and SHARE it as much as you can!

Here you go:


In steam,


The World of Steam - Ginormous Updates!!!


So I have THREE count them THREE video updates for you today... 

#1 - What's going on with your stuff

#2 - A very special interview

#3 - Our celebration video that we want YOU TO BE A PART OF!!!

Please make sure you watch #3 as we need YOU to get it done!  Go watch!  Enjoy!





Thanks so much as always!

In steam,

Matt and the Steam Team


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