World of Steam Update!!!

What's new?

WoS Writer Brad Grusnick and Writer/Director Matt King discuss where The World of Steam is at, they show off some of the beautiful incentives of The World of Steam Artisans and talk about where the show is headed.


Salutations and Greetings!

This is primarily a notice to out Kickstarter Backers!!! You should check your email for notice of the SECRET LOCATION for the New Orleans Steampunk Cruise LAND PARTY!

Steampunk cruise.jpg

Remember to check your email for all of the info. SHHHHHHH!

Kickstarter Swag is Piling Up!

The World of Steam vaults are filling up as incentives start to arrive from embroiderers, artisans, and mystical parts unknown!

coats and scarves

Again, huge thanks to everyone who donated to our Kickstarter campaign. As you can see, the swag looks great! We will be sending everything out in one fell swoop once all the incentives arrive at World of Steam HQ.

Thank you for your patience and keep an eye on this blog. We will let everyone know when an airship is on its way to deliver your goodies!

Missed the Kickstarter and still want to donate to The World of Steam? Visit our Donation Page.

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