Welcome, Fiona Mustard!


The World of Steam is proud to announce the newest member of the Steam Team--Storyboard Artist, Fiona Mustard!

Fiona has an animation degree from the Pratt Institute and her short film, Daisy, was an official selection at the Philadelphia Film and Animation Festival. She is an amazing illustrator and animator and we couldn't be happier to have her helping us bring our stories to life.

You can see more examples of Fiona's work at her tumblr page and on her animation reel.

Welcome aboard, Fiona!


Hey 'punkers!


We've updated our website!  Take a look around, browse through some of our pictures, find out what we're all about, and what we've been up to! We'll be posting updates and pictures here, as well as our Behind the scenes EPK (electronic press kit) of how we get the show up and running.  Thank you all for checking us out and tune in as much as you can!

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