Kickstarter Pick of the Month: Never :: Movies :: Features :: Paste

Kickstarter Pick of the Month: Never :: Movies :: Features :: Paste.

"With steampunk, you’re either in or out, and our description isn’t likely to change your mind. But we will note that this is one of the most entertaining and effective Kickstarter videos we’ve seen. Plus — a makeup guy from Star Trek, an editor from Buffy and The Avengers, and a composer from Battlestar Galactica! As Keanu would say… Whoa. Coolest reward: At $400, you’ll be a character in the new novel by G.D. Falksen."

Brian Kesinger for the World of Steam!

Brian Kesinger, a Disney Animator/Story Artist, has been kind enough to put some of his amazing concept art for The World of Steam into our Kickstarter! He is famous for his tea girls- check out more of his art here.

Limited Edition The World of Steam Character Sketches

Signed by Phil Lamarr (Futurama, Pulp Fiction) and Catherine Taber (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)!

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