Hero Prop Builds for 'THE DUELIST'

Hey guys,

Well the wheels are still churning.  We hit a production snafu when our lead actor, Julian Curtis, booked a job in Australia pulling him away from our little show for the month of September and early October, but we will be returning to shooting when he gets back.  In the meanwhile check out the prop builds for the show of the Duelist's blade and the bracers!

And the bracers...


This has been a very long row to hoe, but we are still moving.  Thanks for all your support.  Talk soon.



Hey Steampunkers!

We have a few updates on The Duelist for you guys today.

Directors Matt King and Steve Preeg have been training our main actors Julian Curtis and Robin Atkin Downes hard as they prepare to take on some life threatening duels in the second episode! 

Kris Blount (Man at Arms, The League of S.T.E.A.M.), an incredible stunt coordinator and sword master, will be joining us for the choreography of our fight scenes. You can see him in action during our camera tests earlier this year!

Mark Helmuth has been working hard and quickly on one of our most detailed props – the floating Steampunk carriage originally designed by Chad Weatherford. Here are some progress photos from the past week.

Carriage Design by Chad Weatherford...

Click the photo below for more construction progress photos! 

Thank you guys for your support! Your enthusiasm keeps us going.  Talk to you guys soon!

In the meantime, check out an interview done by Nerd Probs for Robin Atkin Downes’s upcoming project, FX’s The Strain!


The Steam Team

Update on the First Season - The Duelist, Mrs. Whitaker's Hat and more!

Hello my friends!

I haven't talked to you guys in forever. So here's what's going on - The World of Steam has been going through a ton of ups and downs, so here's all the news that's fit to print.

We just got out of contract with the production company that picked us up last May. We were very excited as they were a huge company that created films with the likes of James Cameron and Martin Scorsese, so we had high hopes for what they could've done with our project. As of December 30, however, after farming us around Los Angeles, they let us know that our show wasn't going any further with them.

We were held back from producing any other episodes as it would inhibit Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other major networks from purchasing the series. Because of the funds for the extra episodes we had from Kickstarter,  it looked, on paper to the government, like we had a HUGE profit in the year 2013. Huge profit, of course, comes with huge tax hits.

As the creator of the show, however, I feel like I owe it to you guys to do what I set out to do, which was to create the first season of The World of Steam not just a pilot. I offset the tax hit with my own personal funds, but because of that instead of making the 4 or 5 episodes we were aiming to do, we'll have to reduce our production schedule to 2 or 3 episodes. 

We'll be producing our two best episodes which are The Duelist, and Mrs. Whitaker's Hat. We have a third episode in mind, though it is more production and cast heavy, so we're going to hold off on that one until we see how the first two scale. 

The Gold Clockface...

The Gold Clockface...

We will, however, be abandoning the app (for now); we've created something really cool with a piece of steampunk clockwork, a timer, a weather device, but Apple won't approve it. Each time we go through the approval process and each time we add a feature, it's money that could be used for the show. So since continuing with the app may jeopardize the ability to produce  physical copies of the DVD, we're going to set it to the side. For now.

The Timer...

The Timer...

We're looking to shoot The Duelist in mid-August and Mrs. Whitaker's Hat late September, depending on our actors' availabilities. We have an exciting tentative lineup of actors and we have our fingers crossed that we can confirm them for those episodes.

Each of the episodes surrounds a specific Steampunk device or prop. In the Duelist, it's a sword that will be created by Tony Swatton of the show Man at Arms, an amazing swordsmith at Sword and Stone who created blades for Pirates of the Caribbean, Blade, and Last Samurai


Click the above to see the designs and finished blade for 'The Duelist'

In Mrs. Whitaker's Hat, it's a hat that will be created by the team efforts of Steampunk Hatters and Dr. Brassy Steamington, who hand makes the lockets and gadgets that were given to our Kickstarter backers:

Designs by Fiona Mustard...

Designs by Fiona Mustard...

In the Resurrectionist, it's a glove that will be created by Ian Finch-Field at SkinzNHydez, an extremely talented leather and metal worker:

The glove for 'The Resurrectionist'

The glove for 'The Resurrectionist'

We are also welcoming new members to the production team, including Andrew Chase, sculptor and miniature creator (actually bigatures, as his creations are about 20 to 30 feet, similar to the bigatures in Lord of the Rings)


The work of Andrew Chase...

The work of Andrew Chase...

Mark Helmuth will be our production designer, whose work you may have seen in Miguel Ortega's The Ningyo, and he will be building our Steampunk carriage and constructing our set for The Duelist.

Steampunk Carriage designed by Chad Weatherford...

Steampunk Carriage designed by Chad Weatherford...

Steve Preeg (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Tron 2), as aforementioned, will be co-directing our second episode, and is in the works of building our animatic for The Duelist

The role of James in The Duelist will be played by Julian Curtis (Geek & Sundry's Spooked), and...







...Robin Atkin Downes (Babylon 5, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) will be playing the role of Lord Grey. 

Speaking of cast, we would love to have you guys take part in our episodes! As soon as we have our locations locked down, hopefully in both Northern and Southern California, we will call you guys up to put on your greatest Steampunk gear, put you in hair and makeup, and have you guys in an episode of The World of Steam. Keep your ears perked for that!

We will keep you updated and we THANK YOU so much for your help, patience, and support. Thank you for being the best fan base ever.

Matt & The Steam Team

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