The Casts

EPISODE ONE: The Clockwork Heart

Hieronymous Smythe has lost his wife, the love of his life. So he builds a copy of her out of clockwork. It seemed a good idea at the time...

  • Scott Folsom (Co-founder of The League of Steam)
  • Gail Folsom (Co-founder of The League of Steam)

EPISODE TWO: The Duelist

Lord Ezra Grey is a Duelist - the best of his kind. But when a young man comes seeking revenge for his father's death, Lord Grey must decide if he will answer the young man with blood and steel, or something else...

  • Robin Atkin Downes (Babylon 5)
  • Julian Curtis (Spooked)
  • Karl E. Landler (Metal Hurlant Chronicles)
  • Alastair Duncan (Batman)

EPISODE THREE: Mrs. Whitaker's Hat

Mrs. Whitaker is at the end of her rope, out of money, and opportunity.  Can a magical hat give her the perspective she needs to change her life? 

  • Mido Hamada (24, Hawaii 5-0)


  • Sebastian Brown – Greenscreen onset VFX supervisor
  • Thomas Surprenant - Makeup
  • Vicki Eleni – Website Manager
  • Evelyn Kriete - Online Development Manager
  • Sarah Ault - Hair
  • Wig Design – Wigboys
  • Hauk Heimdallsman boom mic, sound editor
  • Michael Shubin - sound mixer, foley artist, foley recordist
  • Rachel Tejada – Locations
  • Jenny Kay – Craft Services
  • Linda Mendoza –Storyboards
  • Shawn Reed - Graphic Design, Online Item Manager
  • Special thanks: Adam Jamal Craig, Video Symphony, East Dog Town Studios, EVS stages, Hypernerd, Cheyenne Wright, Tarol Hunt, and to all our families!**
  • Executive Producer: Matt Yang King
  • Produced by: Matt Yang King, Peyton Skelton, Richie Metcalfe
  • Written and Directed by: Matt Yang King
  • Bear McCreary - Composer
  • Chad Witt - 1st Assistant Director
  • Tim Muir - 2nd Assistant Director
  • Andrew Paulsen - Set P.A.
  • Scott Folsom: Specialty Prop Design/Construction
  • Gail Folsom: Specialty Prop Design/Costume Design Concept Art
  • Zafer “Zafe” Mustafa - Visual FX
  • Rey Reyes - Steadicam
  • Dan Colmeneres - A camera operator
  • Jason Zakrzewski - b camera operator
  • Dan Delude a camera 1st AC
  • Greg Meta B camera 1st AC
  • Greg stoops - grip
  • Aaron Hendricks – Opening Titles/Graphic Design
  • Lisa Lassek – Green Screen Editor
  • Tommy Aagaard – Editor/Color Correction
  • Amy Brozowski- PA
  • Steve Reese – grip
  • Carolyn Lassek - Props
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